Termites - Not “If’ but “When’ will you get them

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Termites - Not “If’ but “When’ will you get them

The Conquer Termites Team January 24, 2024
Termites - Not "If' but "When' will you get them

The invasion of termites, often referred to as white ants, is not a question of “if” but rather a matter of “when” it will occur in your home.

Here are some intriguing facts about termites in the Brisbane area:

  1. Approximately 80% of all homes in Brisbane are situated within a mere 25 meters of a termite colony.
  2. Termites cause damage to approximately 140,000 homes in Australia annually, equating to one out of every 150 homes!!
  3. It’s crucial to note that termite infestations aren’t limited to older homes. According to the CSIRO, approximately 1 in every 5 homes will encounter a termite issue within the first 5 years of construction.

Many homeowners facing newly discovered termite problems often wonder, “Why did I get termites? I’ve lived here for years without any signs of them.”

Several factors contribute to the increased risk of termite infestation in your home.

Let us highlight a few key considerations:

  1. Absence of an existing Termite Management System.
  2. Residence in an area abundant with foraging termites, such as near wooded areas or large eucalyptus trees.
  3. Persistent water leaks inside or outside your home, as termites are attracted to moisture.
  4. Structural timber in direct contact with the ground, providing termites with easy access.
  5. Failure to conduct regular inspections to identify telltale signs of termite activity. We recommend yearly inspections.

Numerous other factors can put your home at risk, but undoubtedly, the absence of an up-to-date and effective Termite Management System, which may include chemical treatments or baiting programs, is the primary reason.

Our advice to safeguard your home from termites:

  1. Schedule a thorough inspection every 12 months.
  2. Consider the installation of a Termite Management System, whether chemical or baiting.
  3. Stay vigilant and educate yourself on what signs to watch for to detect termite activity early.

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