How to control spiders in Brisbane

Worried you might have a dangerous spider(s) in your home and might bite you? Do you just hate walking into a cobweb? Conquer Termites can kill and get rid of those pesky eight-legged unwelcome guests.


How to solve the problem - how to get rid of spiders


  • Regularly vacuum up webs (this will also stop the breeding cycle) except during the week you expect to have your pest control (this gives the pest controller the opportunity to treat them)

  • Keep up to date with annual pest control (decrease the number of insects to feed on)

  • Decrease food sources where possible (areas that attract other pests should be cleaned/treated)

  • Clear out spaces that provide perfect homes for spiders regularly – garages, stored item areas, carports etc.

  • Decrease foliage around the home

Conquer Termites

  • Conquer Termites treats spiders in its General Pest Control Package. We spray the webs, cracks, and crevices where the spiders occupy. Internally we spot spray the webs and do a roof void dusting treatment.

What do termites look like?

Breeding cycle

There are three stages in the spider’s breeding cycle – egg, spider-ling and adult.

Where they normally occupy

Many spiders build webs for the purpose of catching insects to eat, some do not catch prey in the webs, and some spiders do not create webs at all. Webbing spiders tend to live in and around domestic dwellings due to the food sources available to them. Redbacks build their webs close to the ground, whereas other spiders will use walls and gutters to create the ideal spot to catch their winged dinner.

What is their bite like?

There are poisonous and non-poisonous webbing spiders. Spider bites are not usually fatal; however can cause itching, rash, pain around the bite, muscle cramps, blistering red or purple in colour, sweating, difficulty breathing, headaches, nausea, and vomiting.

Why are they a problem

Webbing spiders are mostly considered a pest because some produce webbing over buildings that can be unsightly, such as the black house spider. However, poisonous spiders such as the red-back spider are considered a health issue due to their small size (easily missed) and location (webbing in domestic areas close to homes/schools) and toxic bite.

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