White Ants or Termites?

Weevils - what are they - what do they look like?

Weevils come under the insect family called Curculionidae. It is an insect family with a larger number of beetles as compared to any other classification of beetles. Weevils are one of the types of these beetles. There are over 1,000 species of the Curculionidae. The weevils come in many different shapes and sizes. They mostly lead rather concealed private lives, and we don’t know they’re there until we open a package from the pantry.

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What do weevils eat?

The weevils you find in your pantry usually feed on flour-based products and cereals. They can also damage the rice, nuts, beans and dried fruit stored in your home.

A lot of the time, they are brought in with the items you purchase from your supermarket. They can quickly eat through the cardboard box and plastic packaging to harbour in their desired food source.

Common flour weevils

It is a kind of beetle that homeowners commonly find in the places that have an abundant amount of flour and rice products – like your pantry. In some cases, they are seen in places that have a little amount of flour.

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What is the weevil life cycle?

Weevils life-cycle

Weevils typically lay their eggs in batches close to stored food. Sometimes, they lay their eggs next to items inside your pantry. The larvae hatch from eggs and start feeding voraciously and undergo a number of moults in the larva stage. They then form into a pupae to hatch as an adult weevil with a hard outer shell.

Steps to Getting Rid of Weevils in Flour

Once the weevil enters your pantry, your flour is in danger. It is a real threat that can very quickly hit upon other food supplies like rice, nuts and dry fruits. It is essential to get rid of them as soon as possible and stop weevils from increasing in numbers. There are numerous ways to fight this menace. Some of the effective ways that can kill the fear the flour weevils include the followings:

1. Keep Flour in Plastic Lidded Containers

Don’t leave the flour in the bag you purchased from the supermarket, as weevils can eat through the outer paper cover and inner plastic lining. Transfer the flour into an air-tight container.

2. Freeze the Flour

Put bay leaf into flour roof prevent weevils

It’s advisable to freeze the flour you bring into your home as there could be weevil eggs inside. The flour must be kept in the freezer for four days. By doing this, the real eggs and weevils get killed in no time.


Mud leads on the outside of the tree are the most visible signs you have termites affecting your tree. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are nesting inside the trunk, but it certainly indicates they operate in the area.

When you see these leads, the termites come down from their arboreal nest high up in the tree to forage for food.


Some types of termites will build a nest on the outside, called an “Arboreal” nest. Some arboreal nests are like an annexe for the primary nest that has outgrown its capacity in the trunk.

Flying termites

You also might see “Flight Tube” exit holes higher up in a tree. This is where the reproductive winged termites exit to fly out to find another mate from another nest.

As stated before, termites are fantastic engineers; they know when they are compromising the strength of a tree and will stop eating. But some of the trees that termites infest have been compromised with age and fungal decay. This is the primary reason trees fall over in a strong wind. *Remember, if a tree falls on your house and it is proven to have live termites, some insurance companies will not payout.

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