Treating a Nest?

Why should you always treat a termite nest?

If you think you have found a termite nest in your garden, don’t buy into the “urban myth” that if you leave the termites alone, they’ve politely not visited your home.

It’s just not that convenient. If you don’t kill the termites in your garden, you’ll just be allowing the colonies to build up numbers to the optimal size so when they start to forage towards your home and find a concealed entry point; they will cause maximum damage and an expensive repair bill.

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What does a termite nest look like?

There are five types of termite nests you can find in the garden:

Treating a Nest?

Aboreal nest

Treating a Nest?

Tree trunk nest

Treating a Nest?

Tree stump nest

Treating a Nest?

Mound nest

Treating a Nest?

Embedded nest in landscape timbers

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